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The Festival of Goddess

Time: 2016-05-05
Summary: The Festival of Goddess-Rock Sisters

Who said that 8th,Mar must be Women’s Day. In Bana,,it is the festival of goddess.

Who said that 8th,Mar must be Women’s Day. In Bana, we are a family, we are sisters.

Let’s visit mountain Fenghuang, to experience the coming Spring.

The view of our journey, there are clear spring water, cliffy mountain, flourish tea plant. How beautiful.

First game is tug-of-war, there are three teams: the goddess, the youths, the beauty.

Alright, you go first, I would like a cup of Kungfu tea, and cook for you.

After the meal, time to start our hiking of 14kms. Taking the picture .that’s a must.

Following everyone, we feel so touched that could close to nature on busy March.

Finally, we complete the mission of 14kms hiking.

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