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How to choose suitable toy for your kids?
Toys don't have to be expensive, though. And with toys, expense has nothing to do with quality. 

Strong construction: 
Try to pull off eyes, buttons, parts, pieces, and ornaments to be sure a small child cannot pull them off and choke on them.

Make sure the toy won't shatter if it is dropped or thrown onto a hard surface from a child's height.

New toys must be painted with non-toxic paints, but antiques or hand-me-downs may not be coated with a safe paint.

Cloth and stuffing: 
These should be flame-resistant.

Sharp or pointed edges:
Run your fingers over metal or plastic pieces to see if they cut or scratch. File down any sharp ridges on molded plastics. On wood toys, be sure no edges are splintering. Be sure there are no points or propelling objects that could cause eye or puncture injuries.

Stability of sitting toys: 
Place these large toys on the floor and try to push them over. They should be broad-based for stability.

Avoid electric toys for toddlers since they may attempt to eat batteries or they may get hurt while attempting to plug in or unplug the toy. Toys that have heating elements are unsafe for children younger than eight years old.

Make sure hardware is not rough and does not have a scissoring action that could pinch.

Activate toys that make noise and be sure they won't damage hearing if babies hold them close to their ears. Avoid any toy that emits a continuous, loud pure tone; such a noise can damage the ears. Teach your child to keep all noise-making toys away from her ears. Toy guns (which many parents avoid on general principle) can cause ear damage even when used properly.

Make sure the toy has no parts small enough for a child to ingest. Be sure any moving parts are securely enclosed.

Strangulation dangers: 
Ropes or strings on toys should be no longer than 12 inches and loops should not be big enough to fit around a child's neck.

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